Reduce Patient Risk of Transfusion-Associated Sepsis

Cerus Final Intercept United States 3

Transfusion-related adverse events often show a severe clinical course due to pre-existing conditions in patients. Immunocompromised patients such as bone marrow transplant and hematology/oncology patients have a high risk of developing a severe sepsis or septic shock. The mortality rate for such cases, which often result in multiple organ failure, is very high, ranging from 40% to 60%.

Impact of Transfusion Transmitted Bacteria:
Multiplicative Impact of One Contaminted Donation1

Reactions to Contaminated Platelets can Vary by Recipient

2 Fatal and 1 Severe Transfusion Reaction from 1 Donation

Donor shown to have asymptomatic Klebsiella pneumoniae. None of the aliquot bags were saved to test.


Corean septic timeline


1. Fleischmann C, Thomas-Rueddel DO, Hartmann M, et al. Hospital Incidence and Mortality Rates of Sepsis. Deutsches Arzteblatt international 2016;113:159-66.

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