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The INTERCEPT® Blood System for Platelets Pathogen Reduction System


Over 1.4 million platelet units are treated with the INTERCEPT® Blood System each year.1

Find out why hospitals choose INTERCEPT® treated platelets

I saw the devastation that bacterial contamination could cause. It was something that I wanted to make sure would never happen again. When I learned that INTERCEPT® Platelets were available, it was a no-brainer to me to say, okay, we need to adopt this technology.

Mary Berg, MD

Medical Director, Transfusion Medicine Service
University of Colorado


Evaluating Usable Shelf-Life of Pathogen Reduced and LVDS Tested Platelet Components

Learn how INTERCEPT Blood System improves platelet availability in this webinar.

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Case Study: Assessing Platelet Availability - PR vs LVDS

Learn about early release and younger platelets with the INTERCEPT® Blood System.

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INTERCEPT® Blood System for Platelets Product Brochure

Learn how INTERCEPT® Blood System goes beyond for patients.

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Protect Patients*

Improve Availability

Deliver Value

*Broad spectrum transfusion transmitted infection risk reduction

The INTERCEPT® Blood System protects patients* through proactive, broad spectrum transfusion-transmitted infection risk reduction by inactivating bacteria, viruses, protozoans and leukocytes.2

*There is no pathogen inactivation process that has been shown to eliminate all pathogens. Certain non-enveloped viruses (e.g., HAV, HEV, B19 and poliovirus) and Bacillus cereus spores have demonstrated resistance to the INTERCEPT process.

The INTERCEPT® Blood System improves platelet availability with a day 1 release, which means the potential for earlier receipt, providing patients younger, fresher platelets.3 4

The INTERCEPT® Blood System delivers economic value and operational efficiencies by providing one transfusion-transmitted inventory for all patients and providing waste and cost reduction associated with testing and TTI risks.5 6


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