This site provides INTERCEPT product information for Health Care Professionals in the United States.

Hospital Implementation

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On this page you will find numerous resources to help you develop a comprehensive plan that works for your institution.

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Please contact us with any questions. Our experienced professionals can help discuss practical approaches to streamline your implementation.

An implementation guide and tools are available for planning and executing a successful conversion to the use of pathogen-reduced platelets.
Topics covered in these documents include:

  1. Project Planning Overview
    1. Reviews the roles and responsibilities of the potential project team members at your facility
    2. The unique benefits pathogen reduction of platelets provides and the recognition of pathogen reduction in Guidances and Standards
    3. ISBT nomenclature for INTERCEPT treated (psoralen treated) pathogen reduced platelet
  2. Platelet Logistics and Policy Updates
    1. Setting hospital policy on the use of pathogen reduction as an alternative to irradiation, and as a CMV mitigation strategy
    2. Inventory strategy and ramp up considerations for conversion to pathogen reduced platelets
    3. Universal Platelet Handling Recommendations
  3. Getting Your IT Systems Ready
    1. Key hospital/blood bank IT steps and topics
    2. ISBT code build, error checking table, hospital EMR and bedside scanning considerations, reimbursement and process validation
    3. Concepts to consider if your system uses manual documentation
  4. Hospital Staff Education
    1. Specialized resources for nursing, blood bank/lab, and medical staff education (presentation and handout template).

CERUS Support

Cerus’ field-based teams provide clinical, operational, and economic analysis support to assist with hospital readiness for receiving INTERCEPT treated (pathogen reduced) platelets.

Our history of successful hospital implementation ranges from community hospitals to large academic teaching institutions.