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Implementing Pathogen Reduced Platelets: A TSO (Transfusion Safety Officer) Perspective

Runtime: 32 minutes

Part of 2 of 2 – AABB Science and Innovation Forum: Implementing Pathogen Reduced Platelets: Transfusion Safety Officer (TSO) Perspectives from a Leading Pediatric Institution and Large Hospital Network

Leading hospitals1 across the U.S. are implementing pathogen reduced (PR) platelets to improve platelet availability since they can be released on day 12 resulting in earlier receipt of younger, fresher platelets, and to help ensure platelet safety across a broad spectrum of pathogens. Transfusion Safety Officers work interdepartmentally in their institutions to ensure safe transfusion practices for their patients. In this AABB Science and Innovation Forum, TSOs from a leading pediatric institution and a large hospital network will share their perspectives on the role that PR platelets play in meeting hospital demands. They will discuss how PR platelets bring value to the different transfusion medicine stakeholders in their institutions.

Presented by:
Virginia Huber RN-BSN, (s)MSJ
Transfusion Safety Officer and Quality Advisor
Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital,
St. Petersburg, FL

1. U.S. News & World Report Hospital Rankings & Ratings, 2020-2021, 2. Bacterial Risk Control Strategies for Blood Collection Establishments and Transfusion Services to Enhance the Safety and Availability of Platelets for Transfusion: Guidance for Industry. US FDA; Dec 2020.

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runtime: 32 min