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Cerus Webinars

Pathogen Reduced Platelet Implementation at Stanford Hospital

Runtime: ~20 minutes

Part 3 of 3 – AABB Science and Innovation Forum: Mitigating Bacterial Risk in Platelets: Blood Center and Transfusion Services Perspectives from University of Utah & Stanford

Interested in learning about a transfusion service’s perspective on the use of pathogen reduced platelets?

Stanford University School of Medicine presents a transfusion service perspective on the role that pathogen reduction plays in advancing the needs of hospitals and patients, including the use of and clinical assessment of variable dose platelets.

Mrigender Virk, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor of Pathology Division of Transfusion Medicine
Associate Director of Transfusion Medicine Fellowship
Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Virk joined the Stanford University School of Medicine faculty in 2018. He has been a leader for the division in pediatric Transfusion Medicine and he oversees the operations at the children’s hospital. In addition, he is the Associate Director of the Transfusion Medicine Fellowship and is heavily involved in resident and fellow education.

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runtime: 20 min